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B.C. launches 10-year transportation plan

BC PROVINCIAL TRUCKING STRATEGY (Part of 10-year transportation plan)
                                                 The B.C. government Yesterday announced B.C. on the Move, a 10-year transportation plan that outlines critical investments and improvements throughout the province that will improve the daily lives of British Columbians. B.C. on the Move includes a new Provincial Trucking Strategy that will involve industry working together on how best to improve the safety, efficiency and economics of trucking in B.C.


Here are  Highlights of  Provincial  Trucking Strategy Part of 10-year transportation plan


  • Work with industry to expand the number of provincial highway corridors pre-approved for the transport of 85- to 125-metric-tonne loads.

Out of the approximately 47,000 km of provincial highways and side roads, over 5,000 km are currently pre-approved for the transport of 85-tonne loads. Pre-approved corridors for heavy-haul loads enable truckers to get the permits they need faster and more easily.


  • Streamline permitting and reduce the number of truck permits required while ensuring commercial vehicle safety

Approximately 120,000 truck permits are issued every year in B.C. to regulate the safe transport of heavy and large loads. Some of these permits can be incorporated into regulations, thus streamlining the system while maintaining safety. Obtaining a truck permit takes time. The introduction of a new automated online permitting system will provide truckers the ability to obtain permits 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with no wait times.


  • Work with industry to identify priority locations for new and expanded parking, staging, inspection pullouts and chain-up/off areas for trucks on key corridors throughout B.C.

Operating commercial vehicles is demanding. The Province recognizes the value in providing convenient and accessible areas to enable commercial vehicles to park, access appropriate amenities and install/remove chains safely along our highway corridors, including within the Lower Mainland. Staging areas will help reduce congestion and idling by allowing truckers to safely park and turn off their engines.


  • Support the Office of the Independent Container Trucking Commissioner

In partnership with the federal government, the Province implemented the 2014 Joint Action Plan, securing fair compensation for truckers, and ensuring port trucking labour stability at Port Metro Vancouver. The Province then created the Office of the Independent Container Trucking Commissioner to ensure fair compensation for truckers and ensure Canada’s busiest port remains open.

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