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flat deck truckWe have a large, varied fleet of trailers, allowing us to provide services such as over dimensional and Super B. We are experienced in transporting a number of commodities, including building materials, machinery, and scaffolding. We rely on our experience as flat deck truckers to transport your good all over Canada and the US. All of our trucks and trailers are regularly serviced at our onsite maintenance shop. Our dedication to safety and maintenance enables us to provide fast and efficient service.

We provide an innovative trucking services to our clients from Vancouver to Newfoundland or even south of the border. Whether loaded on flat deck, or step deck or in containers moving across Canada, we are committed to on time delivery as well as professional services. We have our professional LTL freight loads management specialists optimize the most cost effectiveness of the trucking management, warehousing of reefer freight. We ensure the best solution for your freight loads. We supply chain objectives in an efficient manner. We focus on the core business issues. We have a structured carrier program.

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