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Meritor announces new heavy-haul planetary axles

TROY, Mich. – Meritor has introduced two new planetary axles, designed for heavy-haul, oilfield, logging and mining applications.

The P610 and P614 axles, available in trandem and tridem configurations, use similar parts as other Meritor axles, leading to reduced delivery times, the company says.

“Most of the components used in the P610 and P614 heavy-haul axles are the same as those used on high-volume Meritor axles, which have been reliable in demanding applications,” said Ben Reineck, director of specialty for Meritor. “We’re confident that these heavy-haul planetary axles are a great fit for our specialty customers.”

The tandem axle is rated to 84,000 lbs, while the tridem axle can gross 126,000 lbs.

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