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Work on the Regina Bypass is progressing as the route has been finalized and land acquisition has begun.

“When the bypass proceeds to construction, it will be the single largest transportation infrastructure project in Saskatchewan’s history,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister Don McMorris said.  “The Regina Bypass will create jobs, reduce traffic congestion and significantly improve safety.”

The bypass plan includes the location of the new roads, as well as service roads and the locations of intersections and overpasses.  The proposed twinned highway begins on Highway 11 northwest of Regina and runs south to Highway 1.  The bypass will then wrap around south of the city about 5  km south of Highway 1 and be routed  400 metres east of Tower Road to connect back with Highway 1 on the east side of Regina.  The project will also include three overpasses at the Pilot Butte Access Road, Highway 48 at White City and Highway 46 at Balgonie.

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure has started the process of purchasing the required land for the project.  Most landowners along the route have been contacted by the ministry.

The planning work required before the project can proceed to the construction stage is moving forward.  The provincial government continues its due diligence around a potential public private partnership (P3).  Under the P3 model, once construction starts, all components of the project could be completed within four years.  A decision on a funding application is currently before PPP Canada.

“The ministry will need to acquire a considerable amount of land in order to make this project a reality,” McMorris said.  “Throughout the process, landowners can be expected to be treated with the utmost respect.”

The province of Saskatchewan has invested $4.1 billion in transportation since 2008.

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